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About JL-Divebook


The Idea

The idea of this webpage was quite simple. As a designer and scuba diver, i wanted to have my diveing logbook digital somehow. And of course, there has to be platform to show the beautiful picuteres we shot during our dives over the world.

The Name

JL-Divebook was the packed outcome of this mentioned idea. The name had to be catchy, somehow known but also not to commercial. (J)enny and (L)arry are running this adventure together and a divebook can also be seen as a travel-logbook or diary. Put the things together and JL-Divebook is born...


As a web- and grafic designer, I also have the passion to photograph. Beeing able to do this also under the water let me switched my specification completly. All new technical stuff was only diving oriented. After presenting the first results to my wife and dive-buddy (ok, she always has to wait for me when I get stucked on a motive) she also bought a camera and starts seeing the world through diffrent frames now.

The Diver

We are two addicted scuba divers based in Berlin, Germany. Scuba diving become a passion that fast that we're trying to dive as often as we can. Our dream is it leading a divebase, building up our own base or work as a guide or instructor somewhere in the world. We're on AOWD Level with close to 100 logged dives till now, so it may take some time until we reach our goal.

Build a Brand

I created a few shirts with our logo for us to weare them between our dives on the boat or divecenter. It was totaly clear to me, that it wouldn't make sense trying to make a sellable brand ot of it, but by creating a SpreadShirt partner shop with our own diver designs that are more commercial and could be wearn by anyone, jl-divebook could probaply establish on the market.